Bachmann in the lead

According to The Washington Times, Bachmann is in the lead.

… Bachmann surges to primary lead.

Fresh off her well-received performance in last week’s Republican presidential debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann now tops the field of candidates in a new Zogby poll of Republican primary voters.

The poll found Mrs. Bachmann of Minnesota garnering 24 percent of the vote, well ahead of businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who each got 15 percent support.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., who officially announced his candidacy on Tuesday, scored just 2 percent support.

Mr. Romney has the air of inevitability about him – 37 percent of the 998 likely primary voters surveyed said they think he will win the nomination. The next closest candidate was Mrs. Bachmann, whom 7 percent of respondents predicted would win the nomination.

Very interesting. Again, Rehberg the RINO isn’t endorsing anyone, yet. It’s just nice to see a strong, principled Conservative beating out RINO Romney right now. Wish we had a strong, principled Conservative to challenge RINO Rehberg here in Montana. Well, we still have time.


GOP delegates abandon conservatives

Today delegates at the GOP’s convention chose Deschamps over Mark French to head the party. I’m not sure on the vote tally. This is incredibly disappointing news. GOP insiders have said loud and clear, “we don’t care about you, conservatives!”

It’s not much of a surprise that the party establishment picked Rehberg’s pet. However, it’s still disappointing.

No love lost between French and Rehberg

The GOP convention has started. This is how the exchange went when Mark French was recently asked about his feelings towards Rehberg:

French didn’t endorse Rehberg after losing to him in 2010. [Good!]

“There will be people that are worried because I ran against Denny in 2010 that I am vindictive,” French said. “If Denny Rehberg wins the (Senate) primary, I will not oppose him.”

Asked if he would support Rehberg, French said, “I’m going to support the Republican cause after the primary election.”

To date, Rehberg does not have a GOP primary challenger.

No exactly a strong endorsement. RINO Rehberg doesn’t deserve to run on the Republican ticket and French knows it. I hope that if French wins the election and becomes the new Chair of the GOP, he’ll start recruiting a better, more conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate race.

“… bottom of the barrel”Red State blog in reference to RINO Rehberg as a candidate for U.S. Senate

Why Mark French would be good for the GOP; Rehberg should support him

If you’ve been paying any attention to this blog over the last couple of days, you are obviously aware that this blog supports Mark French in his bid to unseat current GOP Chairman Deschamps.

It’s pretty simple why:

  1. Mark French is principled; Deschamps isn’t. Example? Here’s a direct quote from Deschamps: “Sometimes you have to take the lesser of two evils.” No you don’t!
  2. Mark French is a Constitutional Republican; Deschamps is not.
  3. Mark French will work to build a strong GOP focused action not just rhetoric; Deschamps sure hasn’t done that.

Simply put, Mark French is a REAL conservative. Deschamps spends most of his time protecting RINOs. I bet if Mark French had been Chairman of the GOP he would have done all in his power to persuade Rehberg to grow a backbone and vote for the Ryan Budget and not take Romney’s RINO money. Where was Deschamps when that all went down? Mark doesn’t flip-flop. Deschamps is just your standard RINO operative.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what RINO Rehberg does this weekend. Will he support a true conservative or not? I’m guessing he supports Deschamps because Deschamps protects poor ol’ little RINO Rehberg and his RINO friends whenever Rehberg calls up crying for help.

If Rehberg doesn’t support French this weekend, we’ll know for sure where he stands when it comes to the conservative movement in Montana – including the TEA Party, which he has already claimed “doesn’t exist.” The group of people that elected you to office don’t exist, Denny?!?

Dear Congressman Rehberg, please show some backbone and back Mark French this weekend.

Time for Representative Rehberg To Stand Against Obama and For the Constitution

One of the most sacred duties of a member of Congress and a defender of the Constitution must be to appropriately oversee the use of force and war making. While patriots know that war must sometimes be fought for the nation, only judicious use of force, governed by the Constitution, can be defended.

Why doesn’t Representative Rehberg know that? Why did he vote against restricting Obama’s illegal war in Libya?

President Barack Obama violated the Constitution broadly and the War Powers Act specifically by taking the U.S. military into war against Libya without a congressional declaration and by not obtaining congressional authorization in the 74 days after the fact. In recognition of these circumstances, H.Con.Res. 51 insists that the President must withdraw the U.S. military from action against Libya as the War Powers Act mandates. A YES vote is a reaffirmation of constitutional standards for government action. A YES vote is a vote to limit and place checks on government power. A NO vote abdicates congressional authority, negates constitutional checks and balances on the power of war, and allows one man to unilaterally wage war in unregulated fashion with the might of the unparalleled United States military behind him. A NO vote is a vote for big, powerful, unrestrained government.

We have to go back to the principles of Washington and Madison. We have to defend the Constitution, which you swore to uphold, Representative Rehberg.


Continuing Coverage of the Campaign for MT GOP Chair

Compare the two quotes in the AP’s coverage of French’s challenge to Deschamps:

“I would rather have somebody sitting at a seat at the Legislature who is a Republican that votes with me 70 percent of the time rather than a Democrat that votes zero percent of the time with me,” Deschamps said. “Sometimes you have to take the lesser of two evils. It is not always palatable. But, by gosh, I would rather have someone that votes with us than votes against us.”

“Personal responsibility needs to increase while government intervention decreases,” said French. “We need to back up and embrace the limited powers of our Constitution, which all elected officials swear to uphold but frankly, most ignore.”

Who would you rather have running the GOP? A principled Republican dedicated Republican or a guy willing to spend the GOP’s resources electing bottom of the barrel candidates? Remember what Red State had to say about the GOP’s top candidate this cycle?
… Denny Rehberg, is not the best the GOP can do. I don’t know who can step up in Montana, but Rehberg should be considered the bottom of the barrel, not the best available candidate to run.
Maybe a real conservative could step up. I’m talking someone like Mark French who can get a weak GOP back on track.

TWW: “Will Rehberg support fellow Tea Party member Mark French?”

The Western Word had a post today addressing Mark French’s run for GOP Party Chair (Mark French is supported in his efforts by this blog). Jack the Blogger writes:

I’ve mentioned here at TWW that the Montana GOP is holding their convention in Butte next weekend.  Sadly with the economy in such shambles, high unemployment, and no money, the staff at TWW will not be able to attend what could be an historic event.

According to the Associated Press (story here), “A Tea Party advocate is making a run for chairman of the Montana Republican Party…”  The AP also reports, “Tea Party advocate Mark French of Paradise says the GOP has not done enough to protect individual liberties.”

The current GOP chairman is Will Deschamps.

Last year around this time we learned that Denny Rehberg joined the House Tea Party Caucus that was founded by Rep. Michele Bachmann.

It appears the Rehberg team may be in a pickle – keeping the Tea Party folks happy and keeping his cartel in place with the Montana GOP leadership.

So, will Rehberg support fellow Tea Party member Mark French?  It should be fun to watch. The leadership vote happens on Saturday morning.

Most likely, Denny won’t take a stand at all. When does he? However, if Denny doesn’t stand with Mark French then it will just be another mark against him – those marks are really starting to pile up, aren’t they?

Call Rehberg and tell him to stop talking and start walking: support Mark French.

D.C. – (202) 225-5687

Billings – (406) 256-4934

Helena – (406) 443-8890

Great Falls – (406) 454-1130

Mark French is running for Chair of the Montana GOP. He ran against RINO Rehberg in the 2010 GOP primary.